Martin Luther King Day Food Fest 1/11/14

Moroccan food at Food Fest with Habiba Chaouch Foundation

Moroccan stew with couscous


“It even looks Moroccan!”

At the end of the MLKD program the Food Fest opened to a crowd of hungry and interested folks. We featured food from Morocco, a North African country on the northeastern side of Africa.

Moroccan stew with couscous is a whole meal in one dish, several vegetables, beans and potatoes served on top of a generous pile of couscous. The meal is topped off with a Coconut Ghribas, a perfect way to end any meal.

I was delighted to hear people say that our table “even looks like Morocco.” We served about 150 people. A nice number of folks even picked up our recipes handouts.

Pdf files for recipes:      Moroccan Stew    Coconut Ghribas

About Sue Nelson

In November 1991 we set out to give Americans a sense of the Arab cultures. Working with traveling displays, classroom presentations, books to schools and frequently with Food Fests with a variety of food from different countries. More than twenty years later, we have lots of friends from all over and stories to tell that help us understand the cultures.

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