Condolences, Tunisian style

It was late Tuesday (Feb. 25, 2014) night when my mother, Helen Moran Bond, passed away. She was two days short of 98 years and her passing was quite expected.  Two of us were at her bedside.

Our immediate family was notified, but not friends and neighbors. Still, before the crack of dawn we had a condolence call — from Tunisia. I do remember that condolence calls are very important in the Tunisian culture. I recall making some of those kinds of calls myself on the passing of wonderful people.

The occasion of that call was sad, yet the peace and love behind that call warmed my heart.  The call was short, but the message was sweet. Amazing that in such a short amount of time the message came from the other side of the world.

I wish all the people of the world could just come together like that for peace and hope for the future. Thank you Tunisian friends for your friendship and hope.


About Sue Nelson

In November 1991 we set out to give Americans a sense of the Arab cultures. Working with traveling displays, classroom presentations, books to schools and frequently with Food Fests with a variety of food from different countries. More than twenty years later, we have lots of friends from all over and stories to tell that help us understand the cultures.

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