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Stories About Culture and Tradition in Arab Countries
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Henna: An Enduring Tradition

Generations of women have used a paste made primarily of dried ground henna leaves to cover their hands and feet with designs ranging from simple blobs to intricate geometric patterns designed to ward off evil, promote fertility and attract good energy. This article explains the history and traditional uses of henna.

Arab Contributions Enhance Civilization

The rich heritage of the Muslim peoples embraces almost 14 centuries. This article explores the contributions they have made worldwide over this expanse of time.
A Sister Remembers the Circumcision Party Faouzia remembers the festivity when her twin brother was circumcised.
Cherished Memories of New Friends Gordy Nelson, a sixth grade social studies teacher, shares his experiences from his trip to Tunisia.

Hospitality and Friendship: A Maghrebi Adventure

Tim and Charlotte Weiss travel to North Africa and share their experiences with the hospitality of the people whom they met and got to know as friends.

A Typical Day in Ramadan

Follow Mourad Chaouch around to find out what the celebration is like.

What About the Women?
Diversity is the Reality

Many Americans have the idea that all Arab women wear veils. There is such a wide range in patterns and cultures in the Arab League countries, it would be a disservice to all to proclaim that there is a normal mode of dress. This article explores the wide range of dress styles among Arab men and women.

Before the Wedding

A narrative on a pre-wedding ritual that is traditionally practiced in Tunisia with the bride and her close women friends and relatives.

Islam's Holy Month of Ramadan

What is Ramadan all about? This is a month long holiday celebrated by Muslims world-wide. Find out who, what, why and when.

Wedding Tradition, Algerian Style

Wassime Achkar, a native of Algeria, tells about the traditions of marriage which are common to Arabs and Muslims.

New Language, New Awareness: A Tunisian Journey

Founding board member Sue Nelson shares her experiene of the four days she spent in Kalibia, Tunisia.

American Returns Touched by the Land and the People

Elizabeth Rovere of North Carolina spent the summer of 1992 in Tunis, Tunisia studying Classical Arabic at the Bourguiba Institute of Living Languages. This article is a reflection on her experiences.