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What Does Islam Mean?

The people who follow Islam are Muslims. The religion is Islam. Find out what really is expected of a Muslim.

Islam: Beyond the Myth

Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, yet there has been so much misinformation and prejudice about Islam and Muslims in the west. Nabil Maalej sheds more accurate light on Islam.

The Myth of Islamic Holy War

Studies show that the less people knew about the Arab world, the more likely they were to approve of military action in that area. Vincent Kavaloski of the former Ecumenical Partnership for Peace and Justice (Wisconsin) confronted that lack of knowledge in an article which sheds light on the myths.

What is "Halal?"

Halal is an Arabic work meaning permissible, lawful or allowed, having to do with requirements of food which Muslims are allowed to eat.

Islam and Interest Free Loans

The Qur’an suggests that Muslims charge no interest on loans and should not pay interest.

Understanding Ramadan

Exploring Ramadan: How is Ramadan celebrated?