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Ibn Khaldoun

Early Arab philosopher and sociologist. He watched the decline and emergence of several political powers. These experiences formed a personal approach to history that revolutionized social science and history.

Sabi Atteyih: Activist businessman

This is the first of our articles on contemporary Arab Americans. First comes the chef, next the film maker

Who is Queen Noor?

Despite the death of her husband Queen Noor legally retains the title of queen. Her intelligence, grace and commitment won the love of her adopted people and respect worldwide.

Who are the King and Queen of Jordan?

His Majesty King Abdullah II is the 43rd generation direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad. King Abdullah II assumed his constitutional powers as Monarch of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on February 7th, 1999, the day his father, the late King Hussein, passed away.

Yousef: Profile of a Tunisian

Foundation board member Alanna Nelson illustrates the life of Tunisian, Yousef Mejri.