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A Widower Offers Forgiveness in a Land of Vengeance

Despite tragedy and loss, this Palistinian remains peaceful.

From Jordan: A View on Western Culture

Many Americans are puzzled by the rejection of our culture by those in the Arab League countries. The Habiba presents the views from a young woman in Amman, Jordan—Sonia Shaheen—who attempts to shed light on the attitude. This piece was translated into English by Sabi Atteyih, Madison, Wisconsin. It is, therefore, our hope that between translation and editing that we have maintained the integrity of the writer.

Understanding Without Words in Morocco

Sarah Rogers shares her experiences as she lived and studied in Morocco.

Palestinians Grieve

Sandra Olewine, United Methodist Liaison in Jerusalem, addresses the one image we have seen many times — Palestinian children dancing in the streets celebrating the events of September 11.

A Palestinian's Journey

Sabi Atteyih shares his family background, explaining how he and his family lived came to live in the U.S.