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As a Tadpole is to Frog, so a Boy May be to Man

Marion Stuenkel is an activist, grandmother and public employee. She went with the Christian Peacemakers Team to connect with the people in Iraq. She returned from Baghdad on April 15, 2004. Marion believes peacemakers should be as willing to risk everything for peace as war makers do for war. Her personal goal was to hear the stories of ordinary Iraqis and then tell them to people at home.

Reflections on My Algeria

The author recalls the terrible conditions of living in Algeria. Its people are enduring the hardship of an economic crisis on one hand and the oppression of their government on the other.

Stopping for Melons on the Side of the Road

“...In the kingdom of palms and peace, I forgot what I had seen that morning in a hospital in the south: children with fused fingers and cleft palates. With protruding brains or no brains at all...”

Libyan “Man-Made River” Threatened

In view of U.S. bombing of Serbia, missile attacks on Afghanistan and Sudan, continued bombing of Iraq, you may be interested in the following—a U.S. threat to bomb Libya.

The Bethlehem I Knew: An Advent Reflection

Rita McGaughey shares her experiences in Bethlehem. The village of Rama in the Upper Galilee was her home while serving as a retired volumteer from 1989-95.